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"Parenting Your Aging Parents" Acclaimed For Helping Millions of Families Now Sacrificing Daily To Care For Their Aging Loved Ones

Here's the first and still the best book to provide the world-class compilation of information you need to cope with America's secret nightmare: aging parents who cannot maintain a satisfactory quality of life on their own whether from illness, disability, or general decline. Are you among the millions of families who already feel inadequate and alone when it comes to helping their aging relatives? Will you and your loved ones experience that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, or do you have it already? Why take a chance? Here is the remedy you have been searching for!
Without this book, most families will have no choice but to struggle desperately with their responsibilities isolated and overwhelmed because there are few places to discuss these problems openly, and even fewer places to obtain the remedies and information that can provide workable solutions.

But with Parenting Your Aging Parents, these problems are solved.

How to find great doctors? ... Solved!
What legal forms do we need to sign? ... Solved!
Where's the best place for Mom or Dad to live? ... Solved!
Which local agencies and services can help us? ... Solved!
Must I do all this myself? ... Solved!
Where will we ever get the money? ... Solved!

Parenting Your Aging Parents helps families cope with these and other concerns, like nothing else can. In simple, easy-to-understand words, it covers everything from vital financial and legal matters required for the most critical moments of caregiving to details of medical insurance, tips on recognizing physical and emotional symptoms, and methods for getting the best possible care from doctors, hospitals, and home support services. It puts at your fingertips the kind of guidance and help you'd normally expect to receive only from expensive consultants and pricey caregiving counsellors. It gives you the best possible chance to understand, handle, and perhaps even avoid the emotional and family issues that all-too-frequently result from the specter of deteriorating parents. Let's face it: these feelings -- everything from parental depression to sibling squabbles and guilt -- can tear even the closest family apart. So why take a chance on this happening in your family? The experiences detailed in Parenting Your Aging Parents are so vivid, so compelling, so emotionally powerful that they will help everyone who reads the book recognize and respond to the simple truth that working together to solve these heart-breaking, long-term, complex and interrelated problems can knit a family closer than ever.

A complete guide for anyone wanting to help, Parenting Your Aging Parents includes a wealth of information on every aspect of caring for aging parents, whether they live independently or in a nursing home, thousands of miles away or in the next room.

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In this book, you will learn:

  • New ways to consider and evaluate the issues surrounding matters of vital responsibility for aging parents-- finding the right pathways to answer such difficult questions as "Who should take charge?" and "How much responsibility can I or should I handle?"

  • The full range of housing options available to your aging parents, including the surprising ways you can, in many cases,  help them to stay in their present home without sacrificing any of the convenience, safety, or comprehensive care most people believe they can get only in nursing homes.

  • The smartest ways to control and preserve your aging parents' wealth -- whether this includes several houses and cars, or a single small savings account. This material alone will probably save your aging parents and their eventual heirs tens of thousands of dollars, or more.

  • Secrets of dealing with the medical establishment in ways that you'll probably never discover anywhere else. Most people receive the vast majority of all their health care services during their last few years of life. Here's how to get your aging parents, and the whole family, ready for this onslaught of specialists and obnoxious or even painful tests. With what you'll learn in Parenting Your Aging Parents, your parents and their trusted decision-makers will be clearly in charge of what happens in hospitals and doctors' offices. In most cases, even the pushiest doctors won't dare to question your obviously well-informed and clearly thought-out choices regarding what's best and what's worst for your aging parents.

  • The hidden land-mines within most families who are worried about aging parents are the emotional issues that lie in wait for the unwary. How many times have you seen a careless word, gesture, or opinion innocently lead to an explosion of unhappiness, rivalry, and distrust that can drive a wedge between otherwise loving family members? With the information in this book, you'll be able to see these potential problems, and defuse them, well before they explode. The result will be highly cooperative family efforts that keep everyone feeling good about the best ways to help Mom and Dad.

  • ... and much more. There's also a complete index to the material and a detailed Resource List.



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The author, Robert Moskowitz, spoke personally with hundreds of families struggling to help aging parents. His insights and the clear, simple lessons he learned are now available for you and your family to use freely Why make the same mistakes that thousands of others have made? Why use your own aging parents as guinea pigs while you struggle by trial and error to find the best way through the maze of government regulations, health insurance limitatinos, medical institutions, social agencies and practical problems?

Isn't it better to learn from the experts, and from families that have gone through all this before, and now share the valuable lessons they learned with you and your family? 

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Parenting Your Aging Parents: $21.95, 304 pp, Key Publications, Los Angeles, CA,

ISBN: 0 9624415 0 3

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by Francine Moskowitz and Robert Moskowitz

For the first time in history, people are living long enough to be a burden to their children. If your parents don't need help now, they will soon -- although they may not ask for it.

As people age, they often become frail both physically and financially. Frequently they are widowed after long marriages and find themselves simply unable to cope with life on their own. Because of Alzheimer's Disease and a wide variety of other medical problems associated with aging, many of our oldest relatives can no longer cope with the ordinary demands of day to day living. They are susceptible to injury, accidents, and depression. They are prey to ruthless con artists, thugs, and worse. Their vigor and strength begin to erode into dependence and incompetence.

Parenting Your Aging Parents makes it easier to help aging parents enjoy a better life. It coaches you through the confusion of responsibilities, conflicting emotions, legal and financial mine fields that arise when parents begin to weaken. Whether you offer occasional help and support, or must fully manage your parents' affairs; whether your parents live thousands of miles away or move in with you; whether the aging process is just beginning to create problems or is nearing the final phase, families find they must steadily make adjustments to help aging parents live more comfortably. Along the way, they encounter endless problems and opportunities for which they are almost totally unprepared.

There are plenty of books on baby and child care. Now here is a timely "parent care" book to help you handle the needs and problems of aging parents. You'll find answers to financial and medical questions that require immediate attention, as well as help in coping with chronic medical conditions and disabilities. Strategies for managing the inevitable emotional issues including unresolved feelings toward parents and siblings. You'll get help with practical issues of housing, meals, transportation, health maintenance, finances, insurance, and sustaining the best possible quality of life for caregivers and parents alike. There is much more, including guidelines for dealing with the complex and painful issues (both legal and personal) regarding death.

No public or private social service agency can attend to these problems in the depth and complexity you need. Employers, insurers, government and private agencies, and the news media recognize the aging face of America, but few have any answers. In fact, experience shows that no one -- except the family directly involved -- can assemble and provide the full range of resources, services, information and opportunities most aging parents require. So it's up to the children of aging parents to return some of the good will, consideration, guidance and nurturing we once received.

If you don't know how, Parenting Your Aging Parents will get you started. If you have already begun, it will show you how to help your aging parents without draining the family's emotional or financial resources. The book helps you multiply every bit of assistance and effort you can personally provide to ensure that your aging parents enjoy the most satisfactory lifestyle possible.

Parenting Your Aging Parents also helps you find the best available opportunities and options for your parents, and gives you a solid basis for understanding and surviving the emotional roller coaster ride you may already be experiencing (and which almost certainly awaits you in the next few years). Far from a dogmatic one size fits all plan, Parenting Your Aging Parents gives you a way to find the exact level of involvement with (and responsibility for) your parents that makes the most sense for the whole family, a level you can feel comfortable with and realistically maintain as long as necessary. Quite simply: With the aid of the ideas, principles, and information in this book, you can offer and obtain for parents who need some help a much better and broader range of comfortable, satisfying lifestyle options than you can without it.

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