Robert Moskowitz

Writer, Thinker, Do-er


Robert is a business consultant based in Santa Monica, California, who writes frequently about many subjects, including business management, productivity, professionalism, parenting both children and aging parents, society, technology and life.

His track record includes winning an Emmy and helping to run various dot coms.

He is the author of several books, scores of authoritative columns, plus hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles for dozens of national magazines, including business publications, such as: Hemispheres (United Airlines), Investor's Business Daily, Journal of Accountancy, Sylvia Porter's Personal Finance, Your Money (formerly Money Maker, the financial sister publication of Consumer Digest), The Capitalist Reporter, Free Enterprise, and many others (and, in the past, virtually all the top computer publications).

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On Writing...

My most important advice: Get right with yourself. Take some time away from routines and familiar settings – days, weeks, even months if you can, and deeply contemplate what makes you believe you are a writer and want to be a professional. Play the game of pretending you already are a writer, and note what it feels like to do all that time-consuming, heavy lifting from the mind and the heart. Then pretend you are barred from being a writer, and note what it feels like to be too busy, or too bland, or too something else to ever complete a writing project. Marinate in these thoughts and feelings until you become convinced all the way down to your metaphysical toes that you’ve uncovered and touched the truth about your relationship to writing. Then whatever that truth is, live it.